Tulips at RoozenGarde

Spring is a wonderful time of the year for fresh Spring Flowers, particularly tulips. Tulips means Love and Passion 

March 26 – It was fine afternoon (58 – 60 temperature) while some are busy with egg hunting and easter party, we decided to see the tulip fields, but before we left we had to make sure which farm were open that day.

We called RoozenGarde to make sure that they are open on easter. The lady on the phone informed us that they are and she even suggested route to avoid traffic.

So we left around 2:00 in the afternoon then arrived at Mt. Vernon at around 4:00 PM. Though it took us a little over 2 hrs drive, still the worth it! Definitely a must see this spring time!

*Pointers to consider*

  • Entrance fee of $10 each (they accept cash,check,debit and credit)
  • Wear proper clothing (muddy and marshy)
  • Parking is Free (Private Lot)


12915041_1233324113346201_1042881941_o12919344_1233322813346331_516494965_owho can beat the perfect photo-op that is their big wooden windmill? (with your special someone, is a bonus!) 🙂


or maybe do a jump shot! 😛 (forgot my broomstick! Hahaha!)





Meet my travel buddy, Cherrie! 🙂


Tulips means Love and Passion – check out the many color of tulips and it’s meaning here


Come visit Roozengaarde Display Garden & Store, this is THE place I have to stop at every year.

  • 15867 Beaver Marsh Rd
    Mount Vernon, WA 98273


Thanks for stopping by



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