Summer in Staircase, Port Angeles


Visiting Staircase

Enormous trunks reach for the sky, lacy limbs stretch to the sun, grooved bark is sanctuary to tiny creatures in the vast cathedral of Douglas-firs that dominate the forests on this side of the Olympic Peninsula.

Staircase is located in the southeastern corner of Olympic National Park, about a one-hour drive from Olympia, and two hours south of Port Angeles

source: here

Drive: Took us 2 hrs and 30 minute from Seattle

We only spend a day here but it’s worth the drive. We weren’t prepared so didn’t get a chance to go fishing but the place is enough to get a relaxing vibe.

Pros: Not crowded so for sure you can have a serene day here and looks like a very cool campground too.

Great for fishing too

Only slight cons is we have to pay around $25 entrance

Below are some of the photos I took. I was amazed of the elk tree (call it the carpet tree lol!)

DSC_0679DSC_0614 DSC_0646 DSC_0666

Enjoy Summer! Make lots of great memories! 🙂




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